“Manolaya” means conquering the mind. It can be achieved primarily by unleashing the positive and right thoughts and providing an outlet to the negative and deteriorating thoughts, before they turn into actions. Once this virtue is gained by a human, building the right attitude is an easy task. For the past 7 years the team at “Manolaya” is striving to contribute this to the society. “Manolaya” is the brain child of the founder director, Ms. Yogita Todkar. She is a psychologist, facilitator and a writer by profession and a person with the right attitude personally. Today in the fast paced world of technology and social media the human touch in relations has lost its glory. She feels that an open-minded and clear communication can solve maximum of our issues. In her opinion seminars, events, training programs and workshops motivate people extrinsically however the motivation subsides eventually as the bubble bursts. To influence people intrinsically and touch their brain and heart respectively, Yogita realized the need to connect to people at the very grass root level of their thought process and thus this idea of “Manolaya Consultants” was conceived.

The biggest asset of any institution, organization or country is its human resource. People with right attitude and culture can conquer the most difficult of challenges and though situations. To build the right culture among the human resource is a humongous task however someone, somewhere needs to begin..…”Manolaya” exactly does that!


To facilitate the human resource of an organization/ institution or as an individual to think, emote and behave in the right direction and develop an attitude and subsequently the culture of morality and righteousness at the professional and personal level.


  • To be the best team of facilitators who could act as guide and mentors to the professionals, aspiring professionals, home-makers, young adults and children in Toto.
  • To motivate people intrinsically to achieve their goals and dreams in life.
  • To share a personal and comforting rapport with the individual or team clients.