“Attitude” …. The buzz word in the industry today!

“Attitude” …. The buzz word in the industry today!

It is said that the distance between aspiration and success is right attitude. It is absolutely true and I personally believe that a person can be trained on aptitudinal skills however the right attitude is something one has to develop and evolve on his/her own. This journey of self-development is very enchanting and a person learns the lessons in a hard way. The mentors could be in the form of humans, experiences and incidences.  All say, right attitude takes you distances.

One of the major factors on which our attitude depends is the values and beliefs that are inculcated in us by our parents, relatives, friends and foes during our childhood and adolescent. The impact of these learnings that we get at this stage stays with us for our life-time. Further in the growing years the influences are more and sub-consciously we keep strengthening our attitude. When we enter in the professional world with a baggage of our education, we implement it with our learnt attitude. If the skill-set is coupled with right attitude, initially the job to succeed might look tough and the path challenging but we can hit the bull’s eye eventually. However if the skill-set is coupled with a shaky and wrong attitude, it becomes all the more difficult to succeed.

One rotten apple in the basket can spoil the entire basket of apples, similarly a few people with wrong and a laid back attitude can encourage a culture of non-accountability and lack of taking ownership of one’s own decisions and actions. This is a very hazardous situation for any organization, institution or even a family. It has to be identified at the very initial stages and the change has to be brought at once. If each and every person who is performing the task understands his/her responsibility and takes the accountability factor into consideration, it might help in long run.

Right attitude coupled with gratitude gives a wholesome satisfaction. We as humans, the most evolved species should be thankful to all what we have and always keep on striving to achieve more in life. In this series of blogs, I would be interacting with you all, your suggestions, views are always welcome…chao till the next blog.

About Yogita Todkar

Yogita, an outgoing personality with experience of more than 9+ years in the field of Psychology and Human Resource. Her body of work includes mentoring aspirants for personal growth, training young adults on management and behavioral skills, psychometric testing for personality traits, EQ/IQ and aptitudinal skills. She gives/monitors personal counseling and group counseling of all her clients. She is passionate about her work and loves solitude as much as she enjoys her long drives and conversation with people from different walks of life. Yogita, indulges a lot in networking and is amicable and forth-coming. She is a post graduate in Psychology from Pune University. Her cliental include human resource from Corporates and Educational Institutions.

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