Find your Happiness

Find your Happiness

Friends, being a psychologist i keep getting phone calls, texts and emails from my clients discussing their various issues however what surprised me yesterday morning was a phone call from one of my friend who is known as a happy go lucky person in our group. She said from last couple of nights, she was unable to sleep properly, didn’t feel like doing any work at office or home, even she skipped her food too. On some probing i could get that she was feeling low and her mind and mood didn’t allow her to do what she normally does and enjoys for no obvious reasons!!

Everyone wants to see him or herself happy and satisfied in life however it is very difficult to manage the negative emotions and many times the situation gets complicated. It is very much humane to feel low and blue on a day however if this low phase continues for a few days it leads to depression. To feel depressed and sad is a very common reaction/ response to difficult situations or certain issues which a person cannot manage or come out of. The easiest solution he/she thinks is to stay alone and secluded. Sometimes lot of introspection and self talk is harmful and the most dreadful question starts bogging the mind ” Why me??” and this could take the person deep down the tunnel of loneliness..
So, how to overcome this issue??The answer lies with the sufferer him/herself. These unwelcome phases of depression can be treated with ACTIONS. These actions need to be performed by the person him/herself. We say thoughts leads to actions and then to emotions or the process can be exactly reversed as well. The person undergoing such a phase stops performing the activities and simple tasks that earlier used to give him/her happiness and a feeling of satisfaction. He/ She refrains from public meets, outings and even social media. This further adds to depression, so friends when you are feeling down start involving self into the activities and chores that usually bring a smile on your face, involve in sports, meditation, listen to soft romantic music or dance to the tunes of some peppy numbers. Speak to people with a good sense of humor, socialize to stay away from the sad thoughts. Avoid being alone and don’t involve in self talks,this might bring back the depressing thoughts.
All these actions would lead to positive emotions and thoughts and this positivism would further add to new fruitful actions. The chain life to the fullest.
About Yogita Todkar

Yogita, an outgoing personality with experience of more than 9+ years in the field of Psychology and Human Resource. Her body of work includes mentoring aspirants for personal growth, training young adults on management and behavioral skills, psychometric testing for personality traits, EQ/IQ and aptitudinal skills. She gives/monitors personal counseling and group counseling of all her clients. She is passionate about her work and loves solitude as much as she enjoys her long drives and conversation with people from different walks of life. Yogita, indulges a lot in networking and is amicable and forth-coming. She is a post graduate in Psychology from Pune University. Her cliental include human resource from Corporates and Educational Institutions.

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