God wished that every human being should think first and then act and not act and then think, that should be the very reason, why brain is at the zenith point of human body. Every valid and rewarding action that a human performs starts with a thought. The thought is conceived, nurtured and then executed for great results. The thoughts give rise to various emotions that sets a behavioral pattern for an individual. If the thought is positive and involves righteousness the resultant action is focused in the right direction and yields affirmative results however if the thought itself is negative the entire process that follows will be undesirable and destructive. Experiences and incidences infuse emotions and that leads to thoughts as well, so we always say that thoughts and emotions (behavioral traits) are directly proportional to each other. One induces the other…

The way a person thinks, emotes and responds determine his attitude and approach towards all the issues in life. A right attitude takes a person to a superior point of performance and self-satisfaction. The ability to think and respond is the crucial differentiating factor for humans from rest of the species. To focus on the positive and right thoughts is an art that should be inculcated by everyone.

It’s well said that “Rule your emotions and don’t get ruled by your emotions”.

Facilitating people to comprehend learn and then master this art of thinking, managing emotions and behavioral aspects along with the execution is what we do at “Manolaya”……..

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