Building Performing Teams

Human Resource of any organization is the biggest asset that is possess. The performance of an employee determines the over-all health of the company. It’s rightly said that the culture of an organization eat strategies for lunch. The work-place where people are accountable, ownership orientated, problem solver and a team player with great inter-personal skills has a positive culture and performs fantastically.

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Hence, it is imperative that employees are in the best of their mental, spiritual and performance health. Manolaya helps organizations achieve this through the above mentioned training program.

Objective of this program is to ensure that employees know their true strengths and capabilities and perform accordingly. Leaders are able to identify right people for right roles, employees can plan their careers in line with the company’s vision and keep themselves motivated to enhance their skill set.

**We customize our training program as per the client’s needs.**

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Mentoring The In-House Mentors

Humans require a continuous impetus of motivation and skill-enhancement. Out-sourced training programs can give the initial push however a constant focus is not obtained. To over-come this issue we have designed a unique program where –in our enablers along with the help of the management identifies some individuals from the team and train them to perform the role of Mentors for their team-members.

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This program includes psychometric testing, skill-gap analysis and further enhancing the skill-set of selected candidates. Once these people are trained, they are given various modules, activities and assignments which they carry out with their team members and so there is a process of continuous enrichment for all. The enablers from Manolaya are in touch with the mentors and refresher trainings are conducted as and when required.

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Personal Counseling sessions

We believe that each one of us needs a way to express and talk to some-one about our troubles, aspirations, confusions and many more. Such opportunities are provided to your employees through our one on one counseling sessions. A very patient hearing ear, solutions and suggestions are given to individuals to over-come their difficulties. This program has a very humane and empathetic touch to it.

New Hire Trainings

We provide customized training programs on induction to the new recruits of the organization. These programs are designed in line with the structure and various processes followed in the organization. One of the major focuses is on enhancing the business English Communication Skills of the recruits that includes verbal and non-verbal both.

Catalyst between the Management and Work Force

This is a very unique program designed by our expert enabler in the said field Mr. Rajesh Ujjainkar. The major challenge faced by an organization is a scattered and in-complete communication between them and the work-force.

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The management is not able to justify its stand on many polices and the staff lack intrinsic motivation to perform to their full potential, this leads to employee dissatisfaction about the company policies and output and results are not satisfactory for the company too, this situation leads to higher rates of attrition and non-performance as well. Our program helps both the parties to put forward their points and act as a mediator between them. We strive to achieve a win-win situation.

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Design and Development of Psychometric tools

Various psychometric tools used by the industry to evaluate and map the skills of the human resource, today are based on some tested tools designed by our global counterparts. At Manolaya, we realized that the overall socio-economic, traditional culture and mind-set of Indians is very different.

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To evaluate them on global para-meters is unfair to their potential and thought process. So we work on this vertical of designing and developing the psychometric tools according to the work environment and people skills of particular industry or sector in Indian context. This helps in better evaluation and practical analysis can be done. This is a customized program and we work along with our clients to develop it according to their needs.

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Clarification –

  • All our  programs are customized according to the client’s needs.
  • The programs are based on 3 major concepts, skill-gap analysis and bridging the gap, psychometric testing and right attitude building.
  • The psychometric tests are designed and implemented by the team of Mentors and Enablers at Manolaya. These tests are specifically designed to suit the Indian audience; the reference point could be global tests however they are Indianized to suit the Indian work culture and thought process.