STRESSED??? TIPS for you…

STRESSED??? TIPS for you…

I honestly believe that any kind of external motivation or mentoring is not enough to bring changes in two particular habits of an individual. First being, food habits very obvious and second very important is to change or alter a person’s thought process and subsequently his/her attitude.….Yes, we can definitely influence and make them ponder over our suggestions to change however the transformation comes only when the person is self-inclined and motivated to do so. Any change in situation/thought/ emotion or whatsoever is always received with resistance and reluctance at the onset. Slowly and as time passes, the change is accepted or completely rejected. After understanding your current situation and future aspirations, you are the one to plan and strategize your due course of actions, foresee the challenges and chalk out the solutions and probable outcomes. For this hard work, you need to keep yourself focused and self-motivated. It is said that of all animals, the most intellectual species i.e. ”humans”, loose their focus very early and get distracted and demotivated very fast. The major reason could be stress which is caused due to expectations to perform and do well. At times it is seen that the perseverance and the zeal to keep going is more challenging than the actual task.

The process of accomplishing the task in itself should be stimulating and stress free. Aha!! So again we are at the same question, how to stay stress-free, focused and self-motivated. The first step is to be self-aware, know what helps you stay focused and what distracts you, be self- critical…Having said this , there many simple ways that will help you reduce the stress levels, would rejuvenate you and assist you to walk on your chosen path. I am discussing a few tips here, that work wonders for me and wish you are benefited with a few or all of them..

  • Never take a decision when you are angry. Response is always better than reaction. Anger is that state of mind, when all your righteousness and senses stop working in the positive direction. Any decision taken in a fit of anger is bound to land you in difficulties and further distress. Once you have vented out your anger, calm down, relax, analyze and then take a decision.
  • Talk to your best friend. Confused! Or stressed, talk to your best friend. Feel free to share your deepest of thoughts and fears, listen to suggestions and then act according to your acumen and gut-feeling.
  • Meet your parents and talk to them. Once we grow up, we hardly have time to sit next to our parents and talk to them. Mind you, that is one of the most successful stress buster, talking to your parents make you feel loved and wanted at any stage of life because its only parents who love you unconditionally. There is no give and take, kind of relationship there. For them you are the best and this thought itself can be motivating for you….it had been and it is always for me!!
  • Take a break from your routine. Take a leave from office, just for the sake of taking a leave. Don’t do anything and plan big events, just relax, unwind, sleep, watch TV, listen to music, eat, ride your old cycle or go biking…And most important, don’t think too much. Live every moment of your break, rejuvenate.
  • Indulge in Hobbies. For the more serious ones, indulge yourself in your hobbies. Usually people equate time-pass activities with hobbies. For me time-pass activities are the ones you do to kill your time however hobbies are the activities for which you find out time and perform. It could be anything like, gardening, sketching, painting, swimming, reading books, traveling and so on.
  • Exercise and play outdoor games. Technology advancement has made man more sedentary and in-active. This leads to many life-style related disorders and weight gain. Subsequently, it leads to stress and demotivated state of mind. So, plan an exercise regime, play out-door games and sweat-it out. Healthy body keeps your mind healthy as well.
  • Go shopping and paint the town red!! For many of us, especially females’ shopping is a great stress-buster. Just a word of caution, do not go over-board and buy unwanted stuff, otherwise its disposal might cause further stress. Go for movies, music shows or exhibitions, eat out but healthy and have fun.
  • Read motivational quotes and books. Read success stories of people, this acts as a great motivational tool. As it gives us a feeling that it’s not only me who has issues. All big successful people have risen from initial failures and set-back. What made them, what they are today?? Focus and hard-work.
  • Enhance your skills and knowledge. Join some new course that would complement your journey towards achieving your goals. Attend some seminars and TED talks. Involve into networking and broaden your professional circle. Be a member of some weekly club and involve in the social activities conducted by them.
  • Do charity and show Gratitude. Involve yourself in some kind of charity work. Help some needy, visit orphanages, give them your time, and play with them. Teach the children of your maids or economically lower class people. Show gratitude towards GOD. Pray and thank him for all what he has given to you. Thank your teachers, mentors and friends who have been with you through difficult times.
  • LET GO and be in your present. Try to be at peace with your past. There are certain things, situations and people that you cannot change. Accept it and concentrate on your present. Plan your future and work towards success and peace.
  • Channelize your anger and restlessness. No matter, how hard you try you are bound to get angry and frustrated in certain circumstances and with some people. Do not suppress your anger; express it however in a decent manner. When negative emotions are not expressed, they keep on piling up and then one day the balloon bursts with a loud noise, causing inconvenience to all. Meditate and listen to relaxing and soothing music to calm the nerves.

Friends, these are certain tips that I use to distress myself. At a point in time, one of the methods or a couple of them work well and the other day, some other methods are useful. I keep shuffling among these ideas. They help me to stay focused and motivated. All said and done, every individual is a separate personality with different thought process, emotions and behavior pattern. What works for one, may not be true for others. So, you can look for your potential de-stressing methods and try mine as well. You can leave your comments, ideas and suggestions in the comment box mentioned below the blog. See you soon, with the next blog, till then happy reading!!

About Yogita Todkar

Yogita, an outgoing personality with experience of more than 9+ years in the field of Psychology and Human Resource. Her body of work includes mentoring aspirants for personal growth, training young adults on management and behavioral skills, psychometric testing for personality traits, EQ/IQ and aptitudinal skills. She gives/monitors personal counseling and group counseling of all her clients. She is passionate about her work and loves solitude as much as she enjoys her long drives and conversation with people from different walks of life. Yogita, indulges a lot in networking and is amicable and forth-coming. She is a post graduate in Psychology from Pune University. Her cliental include human resource from Corporates and Educational Institutions.

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